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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Original Skin Canberra

How does it work?

Because of the inability of our bodies to remove the ink particles making up the colour patterns in the tattoo, despite the fact that they will fade over extended periods, (but never disappear), if the tattoo is to ‘’go’’, it will need some artificial assistance to speed up that process and assist the body’s immune system to remove the source of the colour.

In simple terms the laser process simply heats the ink particles in the tattoo and they shatter into ever smaller particles. The smaller the ink particles the faster the immune system in the body, acting naturally, can remove the pigments as it does with other toxins in the blood.

A very simple process when you think about it.



In all tattoo removal procedures, the issue of potential pain is to most clients a very important if not the most important issue to be dealt with. Lorina has given this a lot of consideration and along side our Quanta Laser, we use a Zimmer Cryo cooling system.

The Zimmer Cryo machine as the name suggests, is moisture free, and produces a flow of very cold air onto the skin where the laser is working below to heat the ink particles. This serves to numb the skin surface before, during and after the treatment. The German manufactured Zimer Cryo minimises discomfort to clients, and you can be confident that we take your comfort during the treatment very seriously.

After Care - Tattoo Removal Canberra

Results and Care

Tattoo inks are originally impregnated into the skin at varying depths and as a result successful removal of a tattoo will require a number of treatments in order to effectively allow the body’s immune system to carry the particles away.

The number of sessions you will need for best results will vary according to your skin type, the size, colour and age of the tattoo to be removed. As a rule due to skin healing we recommend and suggest a break of at least 8 weeks between treatments.

After each treatment Lorina will provide you with a specific list of procedures to follow but in very general terms they will include:


application of an anti-septic cream


keeping the affected area clean and dry to assist any scabbing that “may” occur


avoid direct contact with the sun and keep well covered


avoid prolonged exposure to water


avoid skin contact with hard surfaces


avoid picking or scratching of the area

If you are already up to speed with tattoo removal generally and just want to book in with us for a consultation or an appointment