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Original Skin Laser Tattoo Removal

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So the Tattoo has to go!

The result you want is:


Remove or lighten your existing tattoo


Safely with minimal pain


Cost effectively, – using the most advanced Laser technology


To be treated by a Trained, Certified, Accredited and Insured Industry Professional

That’s not dreaming is it?

Welcome to Original Skin Laser Tattoo Removal where each of those 4 essentials merge into the result you anticipate.

So, let’s look a little closer at what’s actually involved in this procedure?

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Tattoo Removal Made Safe & Easy

Lorina the Principal @ Original Skin has spent many years working in and researching the Beauty/Skin and Tattoo industries. Her choice to purchase the Q-Plus C Evo as ‘’the machine’’ for tattoo removal for her clients was no fluke! Chosen specifically for tattoo removal the Quanta Systems Laser is proven to be the most advanced laser for Tattoo Removal.

Tattoo Removal Original Skin Canberra

How does it work?

Because of the inability of our bodies to remove the ink particles making up the colour patterns in the tattoo, despite the fact that they will fade over extended periods, (but never disappear), if the tattoo is to ‘’go’’, it will need some artificial assistance to speed up that process and assist the body’s immune system to remove the source of the colour.

Tattoo Removal Original Skin Canberra


In all tattoo removal procedures, the issue of potential pain is to most clients a very important if not the most important issue to be dealt with. Lorina has given this a lot of consideration and along side our Quanta Laser, we use a Zimmer Cryo cooling system.

After Care - Tattoo Removal Canberra

Results and Care

Tattoo inks are originally impregnated into the skin at varying depths and as a result successful removal of a tattoo will require a number of treatments in order to effectively allow the body’s immune system to carry the particles away.

With per session prices starting at $69 – your Tattoo Removal is made affordable!

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